The Hiscore Arena

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The Greatest Champions.. show top 100
TasosP1987 Unknown
50 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze
1500 medal points
Daggerr United States
1 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze
30 medal points
Tseug United States
1 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze
30 medal points
UnKnown_Angel Canada
0 gold, 1 silver, 0 bronze
20 medal points
Competitive Hiscore Games
Selena Wars ..all
None Yet...
Anime Smash Duo ..all
None Yet...
Whack A Democrat ..all
None Yet...
Whack A Republican ..all
None Yet...
Justin vs Zombies ..all
None Yet...
Aliens Must Die ..all
None Yet...
Night Balloons ..all
1 TasosP198770,020
The Factory ..all
None Yet...
Dung ..all
1 TasosP19872,228,000
Squizzle ..all
1 TasosP19870
Star Fire / Classic ..all
1 TasosP1987483
Star Fire / Endless ..all
1 TasosP1987557
Solaroid ..all
None Yet...
JadaBug ..all
1 TasosP1987212,336
Love Overdose ..all
1 TasosP19874,600
Spider in the Rain ..all
1 TasosP1987521
Slippery Side Swipe ..all
1 TasosP1987230
Crossed Wires ..all
None Yet...
Pawel And The Teutonic Castle ..all
1 TasosP19871
Interstellar Storm ..all
1 TasosP19872
Pongnop ..all
1 TasosP1987145
Savanna Blocks / Easy ..all
None Yet...
Savanna Blocks / Hard ..all
None Yet...
Critical Mass ..all
1 TasosP1987200
Splatter ..all
1 TasosP198759,608
Bananageddon ..all
1 TasosP1987480
Insane Aquarium ..all
1 TasosP1987160
PongOut / Easy ..all
1 TasosP198740
PongOut / Medium ..all
1 TasosP1987110
PongOut / Hard ..all
1 TasosP1987220
Zombie Arena / Easy ..all
None Yet...
Zombie Arena / Medium ..all
None Yet...
Zombie Arena / Hard ..all
None Yet...
The Royal Feast 2 ..all
None Yet...
Tank Defense ..all
None Yet...
Redneck Olympics / All Events ..all
None Yet...
Redneck Olympics / Car Crush ..all
None Yet...
Redneck Olympics / Hog Toss ..all
None Yet...
Redneck Olympics / Pumpkin Shoot ..all
None Yet...
Poxxle / Classic ..all
None Yet...
Poxxle / Arcade ..all
None Yet...
Paddle Ball ..all
1 TasosP1987132
Abstracta ..all
None Yet...
Tower Panic! ..all
1 TasosP1987100
The Royal Feast / Arcade ..all
None Yet...
Super Zombie Shooter ..all
1 TasosP198775
Square Evasion Championship ..all
1 TasosP19872,685
Blobuloids ..all
1 TasosP19871,806
Hairdressing Bald Men ..all
1 TasosP198784
The Flying Platypus ..all
1 TasosP19873,742
Planet Ride ..all
1 TasosP198711
Xenocrate 2 ..all
1 TasosP198750
Plant Life ..all
1 TasosP19870
Speedclick ..all
1 TasosP1987126
Western Shoot ..all
1 TasosP1987100
Kebab Van ..all
None Yet...
RoboPogo ..all
None Yet...
La Cucaracha ..all
1 TasosP19870
The Game Called Bob ..all
1 TasosP198740
Helibot Mk5 / Easy ..all
1 TasosP19878,900
Helibot Mk5 / Hard ..all
1 TasosP198718,600
Drone Wars Live / Arcade ..all
None Yet...
Drone Wars Live / Survival ..all
None Yet...
Drone Wars Live / Ladder ..all
None Yet...
Matrix Pandemonium / Arcade ..all
None Yet...
Matrix Pandemonium / Survival ..all
None Yet...
Crystal Caverns ..all
1 TasosP1987445
Deep Sea Dive ..all
1 TasosP1987110
Absolute Zero ..all
None Yet...
Cube Crash ..all
None Yet...
Ocean Catch Match ..all
1 TasosP198763,519
Alphabet Jungle / Easy ..all
1 TasosP19873,000
Alphabet Jungle / Medium ..all
1 TasosP19873,600
Alphabet Jungle / Hard ..all
1 TasosP19875,600
Dogfight ..all
1 TasosP19872,525
Artillery Live / Arcade ..all
1 Tseug15
Artillery Live / Live ..all
None Yet...
Tactics 100 Live / Arcade ..all
None Yet...
Tactics 100 Live / Ladder ..all
None Yet...
Matrix Rampage ..all
None Yet...
Gamebrew Tilt ..all
1 TasosP198725
Whack A Mole ..all
1 TasosP198730
Shooting Ducks ..all
None Yet...
Mario Memory ..all
1 TasosP198771,949
Snake / Slug ..all
1 TasosP19871,094
2 UnKnown_Angel198
Snake / Worm ..all
1 TasosP1987812
Snake / Python ..all
1 TasosP1987215
Tetris ..all
1 TasosP1987248
Space Invaders ..all
1 TasosP1987100
Asteroids ..all
None Yet...
Pac-Man ..all
1 Daggerr640,310
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