ok. this is for those who dont know what is. imvu i..
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you can style your 3d avatar what ever way you want. so you can be a demon/angel/fairy/gangster/furry/god/movie star. you can also play the parts of a king/queen/healer/dj/guard/kid/mommy/assassin. i think you get what i mean. your avatar can also move with poses and even hug and kiss people
#3 by Wheels said 5 years ago gives you free credits when you join and you can also earn credits and it has a shop with millions of items. clothes/hairs/eyes/shoes/..oots/skins/rooms/pictures the list go's on and on. you can go and chill in some ones room or create your own and have people come to your room
#2 by Wheels said 5 years ago
ok. this is for those who dont know what is. imvu is a 3d chat site and one of the best ever. its free to join but you do have to download the i know you all think im not downloading that its probably got virus's but fact is it dont. its virus free and totally safe.
#1 by Wheels said 5 years ago
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