What's wrong with gamebrew?

Where did everybody go? This place used to explode and now i..
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The audience has changed now, it's been a while. Some have moved to other game sites like facebook, XBox or Wii. The people coming here now just come for the games, and the social stuff is taken care of by facebook, so they don't need to participate here
#9 by Gamebrew said 4 years ago
The chat rooms used to have lots of people hanging out and everything. But that was about 5 years ago. I miss that moment.
#8 by Ila_here97 said 4 years ago
There was nothing new to come back to, and it stopped getting advertised.
#7 by Leolara said 4 years ago
Im new here.This site looks very alive
#6 by El-NeNe said 4 years ago
lol! im kind of dead in some ways. and alot to banned which makes it not fun anymore or not. i dunno
#5 by Spcm111 said 4 years ago
i agree this site died
#4 by Nikkay2011 said 4 years ago
When people offered updates and new icons, new ideas, new concepts etc. Tony turned them down. It's always just been the same now and no new, hot, games or anything. I just come here and I'm disappointed at my inbox notifications.
#3 by PatnKat said 4 years ago
come 2 tatics live
#2 by WARGOD said 4 years ago
Where did everybody go? This place used to explode and now its like a ghost town. What happened to everybody? Is there anybody here that hasn't died yet? Cause I wanna know where gamebrew went wrong.
#1 by Brianna said 4 years ago
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