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i was playing this lol link
#11 by BlackRose [mod] said 4 years ago
Fun stories! Yes, i miss the busy GB days too.
#10 by PatnKat said 4 years ago
i started joining wen i was 10..9 days b4 my bday so imma b 11 then.I was bored and suddenly i was here and saw so many avatars on the screen so i decided to join too 1st person that i talked to is blackrose.(i remembered)I <3adding friends b4.Got 600+ friends but then removed some I <3 to chat
#9 by Spcm111 said 4 years ago
Katrina, do you still play Artillery Live?
#8 by DeStRoY-EvRyTiNg said 4 years ago
Cool stories every one.
#7 by PatnKat said 4 years ago
The game ANIME SMASH BETA brought me here! Sick game! Check it out if you haven't already! Thats it i guess! Oh yeah I met a couple of awesome people here!
#6 by TurboAP said 4 years ago
Four years ago I was playing a game called battleship on Gamebrew, then I discovered about Chat Live, I first started of as a guest getting booted a lot by the members, so I decided to create an account called MNAHY1 which was my first account.
#5 by DeStRoY-EvRyTiNg said 4 years ago
Came here about a year ago. I was a bored kid, and this website wasn't blocked in a local library. Made an account, and got to know this place. It was good, so I kept coming back. But, it became uninteresting and old, no updates, no new features, no advertising, no nothing.
#4 by Leolara said 4 years ago
Bored in school came.For some reason this website was unblocked.Made a rs account chat in here for hours and hours its about to be 5 years for me.God i miss the way this website was
#3 by El-NeNe said 4 years ago
I was 13 and came on as the name "Goldlaw". My friend made the account for me. I had lots of fun and made lots of great friends. ^^ I was addicted to the game "Artillery Live". It's weird to think i came on here five years ago!
#2 by PatnKat said 4 years ago
What's the story of your account and when you first came to Gamebrew?
#1 by PatnKat said 4 years ago
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