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The Hiscore Arena

Here are the champions for our hiscore games can you compete?
.. goto arena
TasosP1987 Unknown
50 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze
1500 medal points
Shaug129 United States
36 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze
1280 medal points
Shaug129 United States
21 gold, 14 silver, 10 bronze
1010 medal points
Raaj Unknown
6 gold, 16 silver, 24 bronze
740 medal points
Chosen1 New Zealand
3 gold, 25 silver, 12 bronze
710 medal points

Recent Game Reviews

im gonna create a discord server to keep in touch with everyone from here if you dont know what discord is its a chat its on the app store or ownload it on pc <<<click the link and you should be good
for Chat Live by El-NeNe on 11.22.07
But without this site.. Without all of you, we may have never had such a time. We wouldn't have experiences which which we would turn to memories we could all look back on and smile.
for Chat Live by Graysongdl on 11.23.08
Though it would have been cool if I could come back even today and hope I eventually get connected to a game, or even send the game to a friend and set up a game together... This site had its time, and that time is now over. And everyone has moved on with their lives.
for Chat Live by Graysongdl on 11.23.08
I kind of miss this website. It was a part of my childhood. I wish Drone Wars Live was still a thing. That game was my favorite. But maybe it's for the better that this place died. So many people were so cringey here, including myself from 2009.
for Chat Live by Graysongdl on 11.23.08
Pretty sure this place will constantly be frozen in time. Too bad, lots of memories here. And shout outs are only for OG's bruh. <3
for Chat Live by KiaSaige on 11.13.10
wanting new friends yall add me
for Chat Live by Jessiegirl on 11.08.16
for Pac-Man by Daggerr on 06.28.12
So who is everyone voting for this November?
for Chat Live by TinkerBell123 on 10.31.16
Yes, grown with a job, but still the same boy at heart. Love and miss you guys, even the meanies like Tyler. KIK me @LoonyLoner if you wanna stay in touch (I don't use FB these days). Toodles! Shout out to Kia, Dianna, Pat, El-Nene, Tyler, and Johnny (the bromance is still strong!). ♥
for Chat Live by DukeOfNowhere on 08.28.16
Be strong, young padawans. 2k16. We grown with jobs. R.I.P. Gamebrew. <3
for Chat Live by PatnKat on 10.12.09
for Underworld Appoint by Oli123 on 08.05.16
nice game i love =)
for Super Mario Sunshine 64 by 07-Black-Monster on 05.08.15
I miss the people I used to talk to on here. They were cool.
for Chat Live by Winmigapor on 03.29.09
Sad thing is, if this chat ever started working again, you'd probably find me idling in the lobby once again. P.S. Hey Sonya. I remember you.
for Chat Live by Misty on 08.31.08
Wow.. what happened to this website?
for Chat Live by Sonya on 08.04.08
What has this site came too? How sad.. Use to be a great place to come and chat and play games and now it's to the point where you cant even make an account? What a joke.. Wonder if some day it will make a recovery.. I'd like to think so but doubt it.. Oh the memories that were made!!
for Chat Live by Kirsty-Babyy on 07.24.12
Aye whats good
for Chat Live by KieraWilson on 05.19.16
Pq não estou conseguindo jogar online!? Esta serve unavaliable.
for Tactics 100 Live by Ciufffo1983 on 07.02.09
I feel like we should all meet one day
for Chat Live by Cortlynn on 06.30.09
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