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Play an intense, highly challenging arena shooter with a cool retro style. Use the bullet time feature to help you survive the 64 waves of vector assassins and swarms of bullets.

W, A, S and D keys to move. Mouse is used for shooting. Press and hold the shift key for bullet time.

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Submitted by Glowingeyegames
Sponsored by GlowingEyeGames.com
Played 42 times since 03.22.10
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2.88 Stars, 8 Votes

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this is the most stupidest (if thats a word) game ive ever played
#3 by Sharktooth101 on 04.12.10
ur stupid
#2 by Viperjosh on 03.27.10
#1 by Ryen17 on 03.27.10
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