3D Missile Game HS

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Fly a missile at insane speeds through a tunnel system. Your goal is to avoid crashing and make it to the end of each stage. Fly through the holes in the rotating obstacles to survive. The position of your mouse is the position of the missile in the tunnel. Moving your mouse moves the missle.

Mouse to move!

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
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Wow i just finish this game. It only has 9 levels -_-
#30 by LesPaul on 05.25.09
This game is fun and its not as hard as they say.
#29 by LesPaul on 05.18.09
really really really hard
#28 by I_like_pie on 03.18.09
its really cool and hard
#27 by Phineas300 on 03.17.09
#26 by WILDHOGG on 02.25.09
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