3D Motorcross

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Game not working? Download the latest Shockwave plugin.

One lap motorcross racing game, go for broke, don't crash! You can do tricks too.

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Played 84,480 times since 06.11.08
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4.26 Stars, 68 Votes

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because u don,t have it plug in with the shockwave thing
#38 by Javan001 on 04.06.10
why won't it work on my cpu
#37 by Ryen17 on 02.14.10
beautiful crashes sadly i saw this too much cuz my keyboard was locking
#36 by Nathoni89 on 11.29.09
It's an awesome game, but it loads slowly !
#35 by AnGeLaTHEbest on 06.04.09
this is cool
#34 by Gbabyjs on 05.16.09
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