4x4 Rally

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#14 by Noyal123 on 03.04.12
awesome 5/5
#13 by Amnd on 02.07.09
fun..but also kinda boring...2/5
#12 by I_like_pie on 11.23.08
LOL so fun and cool yet boring.... love it!
#11 by Trixiegirl33 on 11.05.08
#10 by Redrain on 07.20.08
#9 by Zippy on 06.15.08
#8 by 55Simon on 04.19.08
this is cool and hard
#7 by El-NeNe on 04.02.08
#6 by PimpinT on 03.18.08
#5 by Warrior on 01.26.08
Re4lly good j4me but hard
#4 by Babiigrrl11 on 10.26.07
Wow, 3rd time commenting!!! i gues i;m the only one that loves it!!! it is the most awesomest game evur!!!!!
#3 by Google456 on 07.04.07
Awesome game it is so so so so fun! enjoy it!!!
#2 by Google456 on 06.12.07
This game is okay it is just kind of hard to monuvure the car, but still in all... it is fun!
#1 by Google456 on 06.11.07
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