A Small Car

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Keep the car on the road for a crazy-good time!

Cross the finish line as quickly as possible, but look out—there are no guardrails on this road!

Up Arrow   Accelerate
Left Aarrow   Turn Left
Right Arrow   Turn Right
Down Arrow   Brake
Space   Handbrake

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
Sponsored by MiniJuegos.com
Played 2,758 times since 04.11.11
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3.92 Stars, 13 Votes

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So much fun1 Simple graphics, yet addicting.
#14 by PatnKat on 04.11.13
I this game. It is fun yet...challenging.
#13 by SweetSammie24 on 11.24.12
thats great!
#12 by KatyPerry1997 on 12.18.11
i think that this game is really hard but at the same time it can be fun it is also challenging so that is y i rated it 5
#11 by KatyPerry1997 on 10.13.11
this game is weird but funny
#10 by Leolara on 10.13.11
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