Absolute Zero

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Overhead space shooter.

Use your arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot and 'Z' key to engage the tractor beam to pickup stranded astronauts. More detailed instructions are inside the game.

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Submitted by EarthWind
Sponsored by OceanBreezeGames.com
Played 15,083 times since 01.30.07
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3.32 Stars, 93 Votes

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To get rid of ban for cheating, you must send a message to gamebrew and ask him to un-ban you. You will probably have to do this 4 or 5 times.
#60 by Iyonn on 03.15.10
boring game
#59 by Rockergirl_511 on 12.06.09
how do i get rid of the ban for cheating. i don't even know what i did which was cheating???
#58 by Victorgame on 10.26.09
i got 428,125 and it didnt save, mannn
#57 by Master17 on 10.19.09
i got 138,125 and it did not save... y did it not save?
#56 by AriZona on 09.07.09

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