Achievement Unlocked 3

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Play a game that makes you feel super happy because of all the stuff you accomplish! Achievement Unlocked 3 is a game that is guaranteed to make you smile! The gameplay is incredibly simple: it plays out just like your average platformer. However, literally EVERYTHING you do unlocks a wide assortment of achievements, from walking to jumping, and even dying! This is a game that rewards you for being ridiculous! Can you unlock all 400 achievements? Good luck!

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 8,052 times since 06.07.12
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2.67 Stars, 3 Votes

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lol problem?
#2 by Legobatboy on 06.16.12
grrr too many too many
#1 by Beuwulf-90 on 06.13.12
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