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This is the first game of Anti-Games series. This game is contrary to Pacman. You control the ghosts and must catch Pacman before he eats all dots. You may also lose if Pacman eats all the ghosts, because unlike the original game, here they don't resurect.

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Fun Fun Fun! (: nice to see the point of view of the poor wittle jellyfish luuking things x)
#41 by LounaRedHed on 01.02.11
shut up ryen haha nah im kidding
#40 by Alan0777 on 11.11.10
It's O.K...
#39 by Catlover7575 on 07.13.10
#38 by Turtlerox on 06.17.10
its ok
#37 by Moonylupin22 on 06.06.10
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