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Instead of collecting food, this grasshopper spent all winter in his workshop building an ant cannon! Use the cannon to blast those crazy, conga-dancing ants before they get away. Keep your antennae up for special effects and bonuses as you give new meaning to the words "Fire Ant". Good luck!

Eliminate ants by forming groups of three or more of the same color. Use your mouse to aim the cannon and click to fire an ant into the ant line. Press the spacebar to swap the ant currently loaded into the cannon with the next one up. If you eliminate a group of ants that includes one with a symbol over it, you will collect that bonus or activate that effect.

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Submitted by Rezilio
Sponsored by Playzi
Played 3,308 times since 11.28.07
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#3 by Tamini on 09.02.09
err reminds me of a old puzzle game. >.> <.< yep not much else.
#2 by Dark-Vegito on 02.28.08
#1 by Dragonforce on 01.18.08
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