Armadillo Knight 2: Wara Wood

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Galan's next adventure is the mysterious forest: Wara Woods. Help him uncover the dark magic that lurks in the forest.

←→   Move Left and Right
   Jump Up
   Crouch Down
SPACE   Slash Attack
A   Fire Arrows

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Played 33,398 times since 06.24.06
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4.03 Stars, 32 Votes

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lol yea the 3rd onez waaaaaay better o,O
#13 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
better then part 3 but still glitches, once u use the super ball thing u cant get it back if you fail so u are stuck.
#12 by Chuckie on 06.27.09
#11 by WILDHOGG on 12.30.08
part 3 is better
#10 by Avii on 11.02.08
cool game
#9 by OneBoi on 07.30.08
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