Armor Dude

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Played 3,372 times since 10.02.06
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2.95 Stars, 22 Votes

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Better than average in my opinion, and the reviews are funny. When you die it takes 20 seconds before you can start playing again. And about the big brown dude with the hooves, why is he able to hurt me from that distance but I cant hurt him from that distance? And the commander is too hard! wth?
#12 by Iyonn on 04.01.10
eh...I think its ok, but its not the best thing ive played
#11 by LS95 on 11.20.08
as soon as i saw how the ppl looked im like "ughh" 1/5
#10 by Avii on 11.02.08
#9 by Nath-O on 08.23.08
This game is boring and to hard. They are able to hurt me from that distance but i cant hurt them from that
distance? that's not cool man, im sorry but I have to give this a low rating.
#8 by Austin_Carleton on 05.24.08
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