Artillery Live

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#1690 by AriZona on 08.04.10
this game iz hard
#1689 by Purple_panda147 on 08.03.10
huh......guyzz watz goin on here
#1688 by Arika25 on 08.02.10
i buff and 13 any girl wana go out???
#1687 by Darkrhhodie on 08.01.10
#1686 by Coolkidmoa on 08.01.10
How come I(my opinion) leave a trail of carnage and tank kills but my score never changes?
#1685 by Autumn on 07.30.10
i got a high score
#1684 by Yaxley on 07.27.10
This game and I have alot in common, we're both wild and craazy. Nice people to meet, where you play the moves not just the numbers. On a scale of 1-10 I give this game eleven, ok.
#1683 by Autumn on 07.27.10
Umm, what exactly is homosexual about lordofhell's hair?... `O_0`
#1682 by Headache on 07.26.10
this game is awsome
#1681 by Mexicanstreet13 on 07.25.10
i always play at 7;00 this realy isaac
#1680 by Ironmanisaac on 07.22.10
This game is great. Its great for the mind, and its just plain fun.
#1679 by ClarkBeast on 07.16.10
Nobady is playng now -.- And i dont want to play singel player -.-
#1678 by Polyrange on 07.14.10
ya hi nikki wateva u say hi we say bye u get tht watty
#1677 by Arika25 on 07.11.10
hi nikki
#1676 by Watty on 07.08.10
I still think this game is great. The only thing missing are players...
#1675 by Twexx on 07.07.10
hi u
#1674 by Watty on 07.06.10
ur gonna have to play this game for a long time to get a big score!!
#1673 by Nikki_hunn on 07.04.10
Um Old time player is back? I was O_O, i used to be a high player..but now I dont know my cordinates. Havent played in over a year, and now im back to being a beginner
#1672 by O_O_XD on 07.03.10
this sucks
#1671 by RiukTheShinigami on 07.03.10
WOoo i love this game
#1670 by Frostchamp on 07.03.10
#1669 by Bigwolf571 on 07.01.10
nao vai
#1668 by Brayan100 on 06.25.10
Totally. Wise words indeed haha.
#1667 by Iyonn on 06.23.10
yup thats true
#1666 by Arika25 on 06.23.10
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