Asteroid's Revenge

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You are the asteroid in this twist of the original game. Destroy as many ships as you can.

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Submitted by Archbob
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Played 5,867 times since 05.06.07
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3.63 Stars, 27 Votes

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if those astroids can talk they say this.. "u see earth it is the cycle of life u send people to there space ship there space ship comes to us then we smash them to smithrenes". "p.s. earth bring us more space ships please.
#10 by Scottyboy on 05.10.08
totaly twisted
#9 by Steven097135 on 05.08.08
wow pretty great. exactly like thew classic but different style! I love it.
#8 by Drovoxx on 04.24.08
Well I guess the asteroids weren't too happy about getting shot to smitherenes all the time. I like the idea of the revenge on the ships. I never thought of it from that perspective before.
#7 by Pyromike on 04.05.08
lol its the side I never thought of....
#6 by Dark-Vegito on 03.20.08
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