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The classic Asteroids, shoot the asteroid and they will become smaller pieces that you have to shoot until they are gone. Like the old vector games, even has similar sounds.

←→   Rotate
   Go Forward
SPACE   Attack
SHIFT   Hyperspace

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Played 20,489 times since 02.21.04
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4.14 Stars, 90 Votes

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5/5 a classic :3
#44 by XpembrokeX on 07.22.11
pretty kick ass; I'm going to beat the high soon. PEACE
#43 by Howler777 on 05.31.10
its cool
#42 by Loyan on 11.17.09
the atari version is way better.still this one's cool.4/5
#41 by Reaper911 on 08.22.09
Haha, left the way that it should be-- classic.
#40 by System on 07.15.09

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