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Atomyx is a new, fast-paced puzzle game where you must match colored atoms on a spinning grid for points.Control your atom with the mouse, then click the mouse to shoot it at the grid and make a match!

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Played 2,319 times since 01.02.08
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2.69 Stars, 13 Votes

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seems like an old 70s game, its ok if you like those.
#6 by Buynetstuff_com on 08.13.08
Ehhh, 50/50. Not fun, not boring. Ok gameplay. My rating is 3/5. It means give it a try, but dont expect much.
#5 by Tcreavis on 08.12.08
im doing this for the points
#4 by Alec on 08.10.08
kinda sucked
#3 by Hattrik55 on 08.09.08
Boringggggggggggggg 1/5
#2 by El-NeNe on 08.08.08
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