Attack of the Mutant Killer Bingo Wings

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“Attack of the Mutant Killer Bingo Wings!” crosses Galaga with Bingo for the first time in gaming history! It's inspired by the classic 8-bit shooters of the 80s that came with a massively overblown story line inside the cassette cover that the poor, underpowered 8-bit processor and meagre amount of RAM couldn’t hope to replicate but contained preposterous enemies with some fun and compelling game play – and all at a £1.99 price tag too!

Mouse to move & fire or press K in game to use keyboard (arrows & SPACE)
Shoot Bingonians to release Bingo Balls - collect to set Timer going & add to the Accumulator
Shoot balls to reduce value or destroy
Let Timer run out to cross number off your Bingo Card
Complete card lines & corners to release Cash
Complete card to beat level
Spend Cash on upgrades between levels
Invaders & balls that escape the screen add to the enemy Accumulator
Game over when shields run out or enemy card complete

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Submitted by BuzzardGames
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Played 114 times since 05.15.09
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DaFuq???!!! Your enemies are crying eyes and egg laying rubber duckies??!!! There game developer dudes are getting crazier by the minute!
#10 by TurboAP on 10.18.12
i dnt get this game
#9 by Khunnie on 10.02.11
i juz dont get it
#8 by Ila_here97 on 09.26.09
Cool I like it
#7 by Ice- on 09.26.09
this makes me wanna crawl under a rock and die. -3/5
#6 by Hattrik55 on 08.09.09
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