Avatarget Racing

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Multiplayer Mayhem as you race your opponents to the finish line by taking aim and shooting at them. Join Club Soda for free and you can use your Fizzy Avatar in this game!

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Submitted by Fizzy
Sponsored by 3rdSense.com
Played 17,077 times since 07.01.08
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Game Rating
3.84 Stars, 70 Votes

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Favorited 27 times

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wow you guys
#43 by Waleman on 10.26.11
Wont connect
#42 by LickMyHole on 08.13.11
It won't let me connect either. waiting 2 min
#41 by HollywoodPat on 11.05.09
i can't connect to the game!
#40 by Themaster on 10.04.09
it cant conect
#39 by Liljohn09 on 09.19.09
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