Avatarget Racing

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wow you guys
#42 by Waleman on 10.26.11
Wont connect
#41 by LickMyHole on 08.13.11
It won't let me connect either. waiting 2 min
#40 by HollywoodPat on 11.05.09
i can't connect to the game!
#39 by Themaster on 10.04.09
it cant conect
#38 by Liljohn09 on 09.19.09
#37 by Dasher55 on 08.16.09
im bored
#36 by R_MAN on 08.07.09
wow this suks
#35 by Klt01 on 07.20.09
hi me a newbieish person
#34 by Firesky on 07.04.09
cobra835!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( were r u
#33 by Firesky on 05.31.09
boring Add me =D
#32 by XXxKILLxXx on 05.02.09
#31 by WILDHOGG on 01.10.09
o.k., i guess
#30 by TZone on 01.01.09
#29 by Geo509 on 11.18.08
#28 by EmO_BoY on 11.09.08
This is really funny! At first I was like and then I was like and then then then I was like and then XD!!! So very funny and light hearted... um... anyway... 4/5. Be happy!!! XD XD
#27 by Saru-bushi on 11.09.08
iv played this on a different site
#26 by Projessy on 11.05.08
This game sucks
#25 by Killer54 on 10.25.08
lol... boring
#24 by SickmanX on 10.19.08
i need a girl
#23 by DAN432 on 10.18.08
this game is weird i dont get it but i neva read instructions so i dont care
#22 by 2cute4keke02 on 10.17.08
how to connect T.T
#21 by Monkey-D-Luffy on 09.29.08
#20 by Basketballer123 on 09.08.08
the game stops loading at 98%...
#19 by Getreide on 09.07.08
#18 by Tcreavis on 09.03.08
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