Baby Boom

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Give each baby exactly what it needs to keep it healthy and happy! If a baby cries too much you will lose a life! Good Luck!

Use your mouse to play.

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Submitted by Gg123
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Played 187 times since 11.27.09
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2.88 Stars, 16 Votes

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its good and quite hard
#17 by Leolara on 08.20.11
like it but kinda hard
#16 by Noelle101 on 12.22.10
I think it was ok
#15 by Cheese-Girl on 05.24.10
Its ok and commet #12 is funny lol
#14 by Cutest1996 on 03.28.10
Ok i guess
#13 by Naruto_fan on 01.28.10
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