Badass Builder

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it's awesome
#13 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
its gud
#12 by PLAYAnigaz on 01.22.10
my grandma invented this game too
#11 by Alan0777 on 01.13.10
cool game=alsome game=badass bulder
#10 by Homerunhiter65 on 01.13.10
loads fast thats awsome alll the other games load slow on other websites. This is fun as best game!!!
#9 by Beatles5938 on 01.09.10
not bad 3/5 stars
#8 by Roxer on 01.04.10
freakin fun!
#7 by RockstarPrincess on 01.03.10
#6 by Antoniomacon on 12.29.09
haha fun
#5 by Max578 on 12.29.09
#4 by Alan0777 on 12.27.09
good game graphics not bad. here is a good game also try it out link
#3 by Wagewar on 12.27.09
it was pretty good i liked it a lot
#2 by Nathoni89 on 12.27.09
awesome game
#1 by Ryen17 on 12.27.09
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