Balloon in a Wasteland

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Your balloon crash-lands in a wasteland of foul creatures. You must try to survive. Upgrade your weapons, fort, and turrets while you try to fix your balloon. Balance your free time between battles so you are prepared for future waves of creatures. Try to escape as soon as you can!

Click with your mouse to play.

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 35 times since 02.17.10
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4.17 Stars, 6 Votes

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is that a [email protected]#$king nuese in the background?!
#4 by Thoth on 05.21.10
wicked awsome 10/5
#3 by Brendan19-- on 04.03.10
Great game from John, one of the best game creaters. Love your work on AG.
#2 by Google on 02.21.10
awesome game 5/5
#1 by Ryen17 on 02.21.10
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