Battle Warp

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Your objetive is to keep safe your base from the attack of little aliens, so you must to kill them all progressing through all levels. If you don't feel enough to kill them all, invite your friend to fight together.

Single Player: Arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.
Two Players: Player 1 uses arrow keys to move and L to shoot; Player 2 uses ESDF to move and Q to shoot.

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Submitted by TopJuegos
Sponsored by TopJuegos
Played 73 times since 04.02.10
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2.62 Stars, 13 Votes

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#7 by Boneberseker on 10.28.11
Boring 2/5
#6 by XpembrokeX on 07.20.11
#5 by Firesky on 01.28.11
ouou nice
#4 by Sassy55 on 06.25.10
I dont like it
#3 by Cheese-Girl on 05.29.10
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