Bench Press

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Nice 6 Pack abs.
#13 by Muttbum on 07.15.14
hard in normal mode
#12 by Muttbum on 05.10.13
cool game
#11 by Silvergirl13 on 12.28.12
hurts my fingers hammering at the keys
#10 by Muttbum on 11.06.12
this game is so addictive i cant get off it it rules
#9 by Muttbum on 10.11.12
wish i had big jimbo muscle like that
#8 by Muttbum on 10.09.12
i wish i was like that i need 2 lose weight and get more muscle. im weak i need 2 do more exercise
#7 by Muttbum on 10.08.12
#6 by RatedXsniper on 02.02.11
#5 by RatedXsniper on 01.25.11
lol boring... and pointless x_X
#4 by PeaceOut on 12.23.10
LOL gamefan is right lol gf ur head
#3 by Xchris_ogx on 10.10.10
shut up! ha ha nah jus kiddin
#2 by Alan0777 on 10.04.10
set it to the max weight and play normal mode so this game isn't boring
#1 by Gamefan_1 on 10.01.10
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