Berzerk Ball

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The follow up to the smashing Homerun Berzerk

* Mouse Once to choose angle
* Mouse again to choose power
* [Left] / [Right] arrows to move in mid-air

* Click again just as he's about to hit the ground for an extra punch! Read: MORE DISTANCE.
* Killer Shots become easier after a few upgrades

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 67 times since 01.03.11
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4.50 Stars, 8 Votes

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its a cool game i must admit though but ive played better
#4 by Muttbum on 10.08.12
Lol this game rocks as does the music in it 8)
#3 by Eaterman on 02.13.11
LOL your the first one to play but good game love it 5/5
#2 by Seanyboy21 on 01.05.11
XD lol wicked game man
#1 by PeaceOut on 01.05.11
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