SpongeBob Bust Up

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The Bikini Bottom karate championship has begun!

←→   Dodge Left and Right
S/D   Punch Left/Right
S/D+↑   Kick Left/Right
SPACE   Special Attack

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Played 165,339 times since 02.27.08
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4.02 Stars, 158 Votes

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is fun
#110 by Muttbum on 07.26.13
Champ mode is hard though.
#109 by Scaper111 on 12.23.11
#108 by BlackRose on 09.29.11
nice but easy
#107 by Timx14 on 08.31.11
dope game champ mode hard doh.patrick head is an ice cream cone b
#106 by -JiPsIc3b10Ck- on 04.26.10
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