Bleach Versus

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Play all your favorite Bleach characters!

WASD   P1 Move
G   P1 Attack
G+H   P1 Attack #2
F   P1 Guard
T   P1 Special
ARROWS   P2 Move
O   P2 Attack
O+P   P2 Attack #2
I   P2 Guard
L   P2 Special

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Played 2,713 times since 10.12.08
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4.22 Stars, 94 Votes

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ichigo is sexyy and renji =(not gay_)
#45 by Deadlocked on 02.09.11
OMG!!!! i like love bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#44 by Tannerlover4ever on 06.17.10
i dont like it
#43 by Kidd126 on 09.23.09
this game succkkss!
#42 by Dee234- on 08.14.09
game sucks
#41 by Evilcokieboy on 08.06.09
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