Bloody Fun Day

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Its fun and very entertaining
#17 by Hot0Rock0Star on 02.28.10
#16 by I_like_pie on 01.27.10
#15 by Ryen17 on 01.06.10
#14 by Naruto_fan on 01.02.10
hard but crazy fun
#13 by Warrior459 on 11.28.09
awsome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
#12 by News228 on 11.16.09
Puzzle gaem aren't for me I prefer awesome games like this one!! link
#11 by Flashfish on 10.24.09
#10 by Hideydog on 10.09.09
#9 by Graysongdl on 10.07.09
The game is unqiue by adding a RPG/Adventure aspect to a puzzle game by putting a sprite as a projection of the player. But otherwise it game with similar mechanics to bejeweled. Trying to beat some of the highscores will take some preplanning and thinking. For a puzzle game 4/5
#8 by TheGuardian on 10.05.09
#7 by Ramil-_- on 10.05.09
#6 by Kings on 10.04.09
its ok...not wat i expected
#5 by SexiiCaramel on 10.03.09
very bloody i love it
#4 by RockstarPrincess on 10.03.09
fun game but easy i like it
#3 by RiottimePMP06 on 10.03.09
good game
#2 by AceKiiD on 10.02.09
#1 by Gamefan_1 on 10.02.09
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