Bloons Super Monkey

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Fly and shoot at the bloons.

Control Super Monkey with the mouse. Hit ESC at any time during a wave to access the upgrades screen.

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 223 times since 04.23.10
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4.57 Stars, 23 Votes

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cool!!!!!!!!!1 ilove it
#12 by Lavi on 10.03.10
i loike it
#11 by Chewey22 on 09.20.10
i finished with the score of 125078
#10 by Bluefire2 on 07.30.10
Finished with a score of 123,520
#9 by ClarkBeast on 07.22.10
kool 5/5 (but the old one was better)
#8 by Reaper911 on 06.27.10
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