Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Don't let any bloons escape - buy monkeys, tack shooters, cannons and boomerang throwers to help you. The sequel to the original bloons tower defense game.

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Played 28,458 times since 01.02.08
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4.40 Stars, 47 Votes

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loved this game, is so addictive. is so fun. can reach level 10 in easy mode. like popping balloons in real life too. the name suits the game. will play over and over it.
#27 by Muttbum on 08.09.13
Love this game
#26 by Luhn_jessica on 07.13.10
awesome! popping is good... well in here at least
#25 by Chewey22 on 08.26.09
#24 by Demilovato7 on 07.07.09
second is best
#23 by Abraaz on 12.17.08
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