Bloons Tower Defense 2

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loved this game, is so addictive. is so fun. can reach level 10 in easy mode. like popping balloons in real life too. the name suits the game. will play over and over it.
#27 by Muttbum on 08.09.13
Love this game
#26 by Luhn_jessica on 07.13.10
awesome! popping is good... well in here at least
#25 by Chewey22 on 08.26.09
#24 by Demilovato7 on 07.07.09
second is best
#23 by Abraaz on 12.17.08
really good
#22 by WILDHOGG on 12.16.08
the thrird is the best
#21 by Brianna on 11.23.08
it's ok i guess
#20 by OneBoi on 07.30.08
supper szupper
#19 by FenerbahceFC on 07.28.08
i like this one much better than the first
#18 by Kaylala52 on 07.27.08
This sux
#17 by El-NeNe on 06.28.08
its ok
#16 by Candace on 06.11.08
excellent and cool game!!nice effect but a little lag by the end of game.nevermind that,I gave 5 stars
#15 by Sportrabbit on 06.04.08
ecelente exlelent
#14 by Steven097135 on 04.19.08
Nice upgrade to Bloons Tower Defence!!
#13 by David2008 on 04.15.08
As good as origonal Bloons favorite. And this is very entertaining.
#12 by Game-Freak on 04.02.08
not all that good
#11 by Ginnyharry on 03.31.08
its confuziling
#10 by RaNgErPlAya14 on 03.27.08
good game aspecially for bloons
#9 by Dead199 on 03.27.08
Same as first Bloons TD but a little better. Shizzle Fizzle, etc. More defence stuff. STILL veers away from bloons but, better than first, so 3/5.
#8 by Drovoxx on 03.25.08
pretty fun actualy
#7 by Hattrik55 on 03.25.08
loved this games....
#6 by Ika_cutegirl on 03.22.08
This game rox!
#5 by Ginny on 03.11.08
It's the best (well not in the world
#4 by Hazza-12 on 03.01.08
its alright
#3 by Ironmaiden on 02.24.08
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