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Like to blow stuff up? Then lets go Bombin! Click bombs to blow them up. Any bombs of the same color that are touching will explode too. Bombs that are blinking will explode if they are touching any exploding bomb, potentially causing massive chain reactions. Watch out for the dreaded Skwids, and blow up the really big bombs for huge bonuses! Addicting and fun!- Bombs will explode when you click on them. - When a bomb explodes, it will cause all bombs of the same color that are touching it to explode.- Explosions will charge up any nearby bombs.- When a bomb is blinking, it will blow up when hit by any explosion. This can create chain reactions.- Every time you click on a bomb, you use up one of your matches. When your matches run out, it's "Game Over", but you will earn more if you blow up 4 or more bombs in a turn.- Matches burn out quickly, so use then in time.- You will also encounter "Rocks" it takes 3 bombs to destroy a rock.- You will also encounter "Skwids" they turn bombs into duds. It takes 4 bombs to destroy a skwid.- Big bombs: A big and powerful bomb that destroys all around it. It takes 8 bombs to destroy a big Bomb.

Use the mouse to play.

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#5 by TurboAP on 11.01.12
I want to revive gamebrew!!! And I am doing my homework... I can always take breaks to fcuk with you people
#4 by TurboAP on 11.01.12
Dude your comebacks are lamer than a bunch of breakdancing old guys
#3 by TurboAP on 11.01.12
Imma come back all over your sister
#2 by TurboAP on 11.01.12
#1 by TurboAP on 11.01.12
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