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The balance of cyberspace is in danger! Last night there was a disruption in the digital world. Corrupted sectors are turning everyday bots into evil viruses. Join forces to save yourself and the digital world!

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Played 77,732 times since 04.17.07
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3.92 Stars, 48 Votes

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This game is BADASS.
#33 by NightAssassin82 on 08.10.11
good game
#32 by Infernalfire on 08.10.10
this is one bad a$$ game
#31 by Izzy-e1 on 07.07.10
cool soo cool
#30 by Lawman1 on 06.21.10
it rocks my socks wooow lol
#29 by Aj456 on 08.27.09
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