Bug Bash

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Played 5,127 times since 10.02.06
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3.05 Stars, 22 Votes

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mine loaded fast fun sort of.
#9 by Matrixman23 on 07.24.09
only bad thing is the time u have 2 wait 4 it 2 load other than that its ok
#8 by SexiiCaramel on 04.09.08
takes forever to load
#7 by Ila_here97 on 04.05.08
#6 by El-NeNe on 04.01.08
Stupid. no point. Not fun. Bad graphics and you can't change weapons or do combos!! But it has a little ok music. That saved it from the 1 star. Kill those b*****y mosquitoes!!
#5 by Drovoxx on 03.29.08
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