Bug on a Wire

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Run on the never ending wires as a little bug and avoid getting eaten by the crows!

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Played 3,484 times since 10.16.05
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3.80 Stars, 10 Votes

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Every game should be a highscore game, I suppose
#5 by Iyonn on 08.17.09
This should be a highscore game
#4 by Miril181 on 08.09.09
awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome
#3 by Dillyo65 on 06.12.08
This is one of my favs for some reasons. First it's a BIT of a classic even though it's made by miniclip. And it has fun and family-friendly gameplay which in this case means it's awesome! And graphics and animation are pretty good too. So 5/5 and a.... fav!
#2 by Drovoxx on 03.26.08
ot was actually pretty good lol
#1 by Warwolf on 03.11.08
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