Bush Royal Rampage

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Yep, he won a second term! Save the Queen from the terrorists bent on the destruction of democracy. Basic aim and shoot game with fun sequences. Featuring the Queen of England!

MOUSE   Aim and Fire
A   Left
S   Crouch
D   Right
R   Reload
SPACE   Change Weapons

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Played 195,532 times since 01.13.05
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4.67 Stars, 145 Votes

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Is a good game but after a while nobody comes out to shoot so it just gets boring.
#98 by Muttbum on 01.21.14
#97 by Xavier8 on 06.18.11
this game go hard
#96 by Dredhead on 05.24.11
funny lil redneck bush
#95 by Happyman on 05.26.10
#94 by Sexy_ria on 01.23.10
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