Bush Shoot Out

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He won a second term! Save the White House from the terrorists bent on the destruction of democracy. Basic aim and shoot game with fun sequences. Featuring Condi Rice the Secretary of State!

MOUSE   Move and Fire
R   Reload

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Played 104,158 times since 05.08.04
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bush kills great!!
#27 by Sexy_ria on 01.24.10
5/5 its awsome
#26 by News228 on 12.31.09
XD this is great
#25 by Irishrocker12 on 07.29.09
lol, I like the end, "they misunderestimated me"
#24 by Hunte3r on 03.02.09
the code for the third board is fountain i beat the whole game . for the last board u hav 2 go on miniclips.com that SHIxT was easy
#23 by Waddywoe on 12.05.08
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