Capoeira Fighter 1

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Fighting game with awesome graphics.

A/D   Move Left and Right
S   Crouch Down
W   Jump Up
G   Punch 1
H   Punch 2
V   Kick 1
B   Kick 2

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Played 72,612 times since 11.22.05
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3.64 Stars, 45 Votes

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it wont let me play the real game just a little demo with the two shirtless black guys
#23 by Cfactor98 on 02.12.10
nice game
#22 by Osmanli on 07.08.09
its awsome
#21 by PLAYAnigaz on 06.30.09
#20 by Caaszx98 on 05.10.09
#19 by WILDHOGG on 04.27.09
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