Cartoon Hero

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Be the cartoon hero and hunt monsters down.

Arrows: Movement
Z: Attack
X: Special move
C: Change weapons
C + C: Join forces

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Submitted by GameGape
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Played 510 times since 06.20.09
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4.02 Stars, 55 Votes

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itss okkkk..
#36 by Sweetbloom on 03.23.10
Diz shyt go hArd!!
#35 by _-GudDA_R3D-_ on 11.20.09
ya know i thought this game whould be stupid but it was pretty good
#34 by Alan0777 on 10.22.09
i hate this game lmao
#33 by KingJesse2 on 10.04.09
lol powa rangers n its not that fun espicailly since for 5min yu fight weird black ninjas GIMMEH A BLEACH GAME PLZ !! of a kh flash game
#32 by NateDawg3000 on 09.19.09
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