Castle Cat 2

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Crazy and funny cat jumping and shooting game.

↑→↓←   Jump and Run
CONTROL   Fire Cannon
SPACE   Fire Mace

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Sponsored by Mausland Entertainment
Played 32,360 times since 10.20.05
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3.88 Stars, 24 Votes

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its pretty good. they even hand u weapons!....this is good just sorta like mario
#8 by Viper_752 on 05.24.08
it iz supa cool!!!
#7 by Rockxi11 on 04.19.08
Good game overall. It's an improvement from Castle Cat 1. The fact that you have weopons helps alot. Easy to play and smooth flowing gameplay. I still don't know who thinks up these characters though.
#6 by Pyromike on 04.10.08
#5 by El-NeNe on 03.30.08
Wtf. Pretty good. They changed castle Cat into Mario!! Coins, enemies, same coin collecting sound too! But it's still great! Fun gameplay, good music, a little UNoriginal concept but i like how you can kill the stuff. It's fun!
#4 by Drovoxx on 03.29.08
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