Castle Cat 4

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Crazy and funny cat jumping and shooting game.

↑→↓←   Jump and Run
CONTROL   Fire Cannon
M   Show Map

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Sponsored by Mausland Entertainment
Played 47,955 times since 10.20.05
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4.19 Stars, 36 Votes

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I finally got to the ending.............Its really fkked up
#17 by Rockxi11 on 05.09.10
he curses at you in the beginning!! and u think its just a lil cute cat!
#16 by Alan0777 on 11.11.09
bad ever thing killes you
#15 by Badboy12345 on 02.17.09
awesome game
#14 by Flyb0y28 on 02.01.09
cool?¿8/10 game cool?¿ WTF:P
#13 by Loganfletch on 09.22.08
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