Cave Escaper

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The object of the game is to navigate your way through 50 levels and try to escape the cave. Along the way you will find complex puzzles, bomb your way through rocks and boulders, swing from ledges, and avoid pits of lava. Can you make it out alive? This is the newest game from and you know what that means: You can edit your own levels at and see if they get highly rated by your peers. The highest rated levels will be included in the "community edition" of Cave Escaper, which will be released in a month or two. Now go escape from that cave!

Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move. Left and right are to run, up is to jump, and down to duck. Press space to throw your grappling hook and start swinging, then press space again to let go. Place dynamite by pressing down and space (press space while ducking). Make sure to get away in time!

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#99 by Wonkabar8741 on 03.29.10
#98 by I_like_pie on 09.13.09
Game is good, some very challenging lvls. 4/5
#97 by Google on 08.31.09
yess...i can finish all level in 2 days....hard strugle :D:D
#96 by Ayung on 08.25.09
i like it
#95 by Ayung on 08.24.09
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