Celebrity Shootout

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This is your chance to throw eggs at today's most talked about celebrities! Hit as many moving celebrity targets as you can in order to rack up points and advance to the next level! Be careful though, because egging an innocent puppy or kitten will deduct points from your score and ultimately lead to a game over. Let the egging begin! Enjoy this fun, free, online game by Activegamez.com!

Be sure to only shoot the celebrity in level one. Shooting a cute animal will cause you to lose points. If you shoot too many cute animals the game will be over. Have fun!

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Submitted by ActivegameZ
Sponsored by ActivegameZ.com
Played 227 times since 05.09.09
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3.26 Stars, 31 Votes

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#18 by Redskins45 on 11.10.09
finally i can shoot hanna montana without gettin in trouble!!!!!
#17 by Someone1 on 11.09.09
omg lol i love this game cuz i hate HANNA MONTANA >:o THAT B*TCH IS F*CK*N H*RN >:| SO O KILL HERE >:3
#16 by Princesspunk on 11.04.09
its easy but i hate hannah montana so that made me happy that idiot
#15 by Redskins45 on 10.11.09
ehh it dull
#14 by Family_.guy on 09.26.09
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