Cheater Boxing

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Start boxing like a champ, 3 clicks and it's a two jabs and an uppercut! Fight Floyd Mayweather or upload your own face photo to fight with! is a new website that let's you know whose a cheater that you should never date. Don't be the last to know.

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Played 661 times since 11.18.11
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The cheater ville games series really do suck. I always win. so easy. no skill required. so dumb. do not play. all u do is click and it wrecks your mouse. is a waste of time. dumb dumb dumb.
#4 by Muttbum on 07.15.14
I think this game should have dubstep music!
#3 by TurboAP on 08.12.12
All you do is click.
#2 by Scaper111 on 12.21.11
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