Clash N Slash

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Absolutely addicting alien blasting with 60 + 13 great levels, 19 weapons, 17 power-ups, and over 50 enemy types with huge bosses all with unlimited play.

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Played 288,577 times since 09.29.06
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4.38 Stars, 64 Votes

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Final Score: 3788468
#37 by Achilleswashere on 06.19.11
this game is so awsome dude!!!!!!!
#36 by Sexy_ria on 01.23.10
not so good t me. But its your opinion that matters to you!!:)
#35 by Volcom23 on 07.13.09
awesome game!!!!
#34 by King_killrex on 07.05.09
my brothers score is 118511 and i think he is pretty good. anyway, i like this games its fun!!! but some times boring
#33 by Madeliner on 04.13.09
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