Clear Vision Elite Edition

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WARNING: Contains cartoon violence. Recommended by El-Nene.

MOUSE   Aim and Shoot
R   Reload
SPACE   Zoom

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Played 3,431 times since 10.30.08
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4.40 Stars, 98 Votes

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this is an amazing game and one of favorites
#57 by Gharg on 01.15.12
this game is awsome
#56 by Doggiehunt on 01.05.10
good game
#55 by Max578 on 10.12.09
haha i get 2 play it
#54 by Bubby2006 on 09.13.09
Ity says: "WARNING: Contains cartoon violence" Well, I'm not seeing any cartoon violence because all I see is a white screen. lol
#53 by Iyonn on 07.30.09
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